Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Artist I Admire: Frank Frazetta

This week I'd like to focus on an artist I have never had the opportunity to communicate with but, one whom I admire greatly. That artist is of course Mr. Frank Frazetta.

Style: Mr. Frazetta's style is without a doubt realistic but taking liberties to veer towards the fantasy and & science fiction works that he is renowned for.

Bio: Mr. Frazetta was born on Feb 9, 1928. He was both born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC, NY. By the time he was eight his teachers were encouraging his parents to have him attend a formal art school. He attended the Brooklyn Academy of the Arts and once he graduated he began working in a variety of fields eventually settling in the comic industry in the 50's. In the 60's Mr. Frazetta had garnished enough attention to get the calling from Hollywood to design the art for movie posters.

Today he is best known for the work he's done related to the Conan the Barbarian comic series. His paintings easily sell for six figures on average with a recent auction netting a million dollars for a single painting.

Why I admire Mr. Frazetta: One need only look at his impressive work to see why I would admire an artist of such outstanding talent. His work is so realistic that allows us to become part of his fantasy world. His men are manly and strong and his women are womanly and curvaceous. He gives those growing up reading comics or admiring his artwork something to aspire to be like. He is definitely one of the great, living American artists of the past and current century.

My favorite Frank Frazetta painting - Against the Gods:

This is without a doubt my favorite Frank Frazetta painting and definitely one of the Top 5 painting I've ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. I don't like it so much in the sense that the hero is challenging the "Gods" but more so because it represents man struggling to conquer the difficulties and challenges set before him and facing them without flinching a moment. If I could own the original of this painting I would be a happy man.

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