Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tips for Tuesday - Great article from artbusiness.com

So I was planning on drafting a few tips about how to be a better artist and business person simultaneously when I came across this article - I believe by Alan Bamberger on artbusiness.com about how to become a better artist and business person.

I was struck by how much good information is all in one place! Although I've never attended art school full-time I loved the part about:

"These days, a decent art education runs around $100,000. Art schools need lots of $100,000's in order to stay in business. If prospective students had any idea how tough making a living as an artist is, how good they have to be to make those livings, and how hard art is to sell, art schools would get fewer $100,000's than they do now. So art schools don't talk about the survival aspects of being an artist, they offer precious little instruction in how to make enough money to survive, and worst of all, they appear to discourage their graduates from venturing outside the academic realm to learn survival techniques. Sure, they expose students to the formal gallery system and maybe show their art to local dealers and collectors, but that's not nearly enough ammo for confronting the realities of the marketplace. "

I guess my "role model's" prodding to back away from art inadvertently gave me a wealth of knowledge about Marketing, Sales and the like as I was going through several professions I did not care for.

In the article Mr. Bamberger explains how it is just as important for an artist (a not-so-hungry artist that is) to develop sales skills as well as their art skills. One cannot survive without the other.

He also, points out that randomly blasting art galleries or art professionals with unexpected requests to represent your art and to -

"rescue [you], and whoosh [you] away to fame, fortune, and scrillions of dollars"

Is something you might want to shy away from.

Anyway, again just an excellent article on how to really get by and hopefully excel in the art business. I highly recommend it!

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